The Permanent Way 
…was photographed on the old railway line in the Cotswolds. It features Alice Williamson as Agatha, Emma Lister as Phyllis and Sakari Männistö as Clyde; three characters pursuing an unknown destination along a railway track.
 It felt as though they’d been following the same tracks forever. 
Keep following them,’ Clyde told himself, they’ll always lead you somewhere. 
One thing was certain: they were running out of sandwiches. Phyllis sipped her tea.
Agatha glanced back at the dark sky that chased them, but said nothing to the other two.
Clyde felt they were almost there, even though each rotting sleeper looked like the one before. 
Spurred on by the promise of a now distant idea, they walked. Or was it a memory? Like the sound of long ago waves heard in a seashell?
The rain was everlasting. They waited so long in the dark that time seemed to recede back into the tunnel with them.
Weeds and flowers grew from the gravel and metal, even in the dark. ‘Nature left a trail for us to follow’ thought Agatha.
Finally a break in the clouds. Emerging from the tunnel at last they were met by the sun.
The new sky seemed like a destination of sorts…’Have we arrived?’ asked Phyllis.
 It felt as though they’d been following the same tracks forever.
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